Everything to Know About Escargot

Over time, negativity has surrounded the snail meat. However, despite being known for what they are, they are delicacies globally. This can be confusing to some people and thus we shall clarify here.

So if you want to know about escargots and whether or not to eat them, you should read on as we will discuss everything about escargot from top to bottom.

What is Escargot?

Escargot simply means “cooked snails” in French; though your stomach might churn at the thought of it, these dishes have been served as upscale appetizers in France and neighbouring countries for centuries.

Escargot is often served in shells with a special fork designed to help extract them but there are restaurants where this is done for one. Escargot can be prepared in many ways but most popularly it comes with garlic and butter.

The reason why esgargots are loved by many people is because of their distinct taste as well as simple preparation. Despite anxiety that you may have while cooking it at home for your friends, escargot is definitely a dish one can prepare at home impressively.

Nevertheless, traditional escargos are associated with France and French culture while snails used as food can be found almost anywhere in the world including all parts of Europe, India and some areas of Africa.

Cooked snails on their own do not pose any health hazard although care must be taken when cooking them so that they heat up properly; otherwise raw snails may contain food poisoning species albeit none of which would ever cause human death.

Does Escargot Taste Good?

We despise escargots because of their unusual texture but when tasted they make us feel heavenly satisfied. When cooked right, they have woody taste that blends well with spices or fat hence there’s nothing like enjoying a good plateful of slippery escargo during rainstorm.

Inexperienced eaters of escargot are often provided with bread on which to consume them, but any seasoned escargot lover will eat them right out of the shell. There are even special shaped tongs for holding the shell when still hot.

Are Escargot Healthy?

Before you start making fun of snails as a food, do realize that they are actually quite nutrient dense. With just 100 calories per 4-ounce serving, escargots have little fat or carbs and sodium while providing an incredible 18 grams of protein.

Of course this doesn’t include what they are cooked with, but with some spices and little butter you can get a massive serving of protein in just a few calories. Escargot has same amount of proteins like pork and beef yet no extra fats thus it is a bodybuilder’s dream diet.

Not only that, escargot is rich in iron, calcium and vitamin A which provides a much-needed immune system boost. For instance, one serving of escargot has 22% of your daily requirement for iron. Some types of fish also have heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids just like escargots.

Frankly speaking, snails are among the best hidden food secrets – we are not surprised though; the French butter every single edible thing without gaining any weight and eating any sweets because of being aware of such a fact – and why do you think we are so confident that it is?


Escargot: Environmental Impact

One reason we were attracted to snails was because they were a highly sustainable source of meat. Governments even complain about snail under-consumption by their population rather than over-consumption.

Snails can be invasive as they breed quickly and can easily get into places where they are not wanted. If there are enough numbers they can also destroy local fauna and flora.

In America alone, there are just a few places where snails can be raised; luckily since snails don’t occupy much space, the entire country’s needs could be satisfied with two farms. One farm already has 50k alone although he could expand once he locates more interested markets.

It’s true that demand for snail isn’t as high as other meats but even if it was, no greenhouse gases will result from them while feeding them won’t cost you an arm or leg-making them one of the most ecologically sound types of meat available today. Additionally, slaughtering them is humane since when placed in a cold environment i.e., freezer, they will hibernate to death hence farmers do not require butchering services in snail farming either.

5 Ways to Prepare Escargot

Easy to prepare with something for everyone’s taste buds; try something new! The following are popular methods of preparing escargot.

    1. In Butter

    The most famous way to prepare escargot is by simmering them in butter together with garlic, parsley, thyme and a drop of red wine. Quick, simple and tasty! Sound good? Here’s the recipe.

    2. In Chicken Soup

    In Africa, escargot is more commonly prepared in broth, especially in areas where dairy is expensive. Broths made from chicken or fish match well with natural tastes of snails thereby producing a filling meal for cold weather seasons.

      3. Baked in Mushrooms

      Escargot makes a perfect stuffing for mushrooms. All you need to do is stuff your mushroom with escargots, a little Parmesan cheese and spices, bake it and serve – nothing could be simpler!

        4. Au Gratin

        When baked alone with some vegetables and cheese, escargot tastes absolutely delicious! It is no wonder that these two go together because au gratin is of French origin.

          5. In a Pasta

          A creamy buttery pasta sauce would be perfect for escargots. Next time consider making an escargot alfredo instead of chicken!

          Where to Purchase Escargot

          It can be difficult to find where they are sold since the US does not have as many Escargot markets like other countries do. We usually discover that premium seafood providers such as Kolikof Caviar and Gourmet carry escargots in stock. Most snail breeders partner with seafood suppliers because they have the capability of delivering snails securely.

          Therefore, if you want to try out on this cross looking delicacy, just walk by Kolikof’s where in few days you will receive defrosted ready cook escargot from abroad!


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