What are the most popular types of Caviar?

We continue our Q&A into the luxury product which is loved the world over. This time we’ll discover what different types of Caviar there are, how long it lasts, and whether Caviar is healthy! 

What are the most popular types of Caviar?

Besides American, there are four other popular types of Caviar, which are Ossetra, Kaluga, Beluga, and Sevruga. These luxury lines carry the highest cost per ounce in the Caviar world. They can often be waitlisted, especially in low production seasons. Each type offers a different flavor, and with 25 Sturgeon species in the world, the options are varied and tasty.

The exclusivity of Caviar often adds to the appeal of this luxury good, however in some areas other types of fish roe are offered, instead of just the Sturgeon Roe. For many, this is not the same experience and cannot be a substitute for the real thing, however, for others, this is a more ecologically friendly substitute when Caviar cannot be offered.

True Caviar is assessed by critics on several aspects, including color and quality. The size, in particular, is a key factor in understanding the grade of top-tier caviar. Additionally, the flavor notes must be discussed, such as how sweet they are, the brine and butter levels. 

What does Caviar taste like?

To ensure quality levels, all Caviar is split into two categories and graded upon the flavor, size, and texture of the eggs. Grade one is both better quality and a higher cost. 

The grades are as follow:

  • Grade One: Large, firm roe eggs. Wholly intact. 
  • Grade Two: Not perfect in form, and less delicate eggs. 


When tasting Caviar, it is important to take interest in both the texture of the eggs, as well as their flavor of them. Salty levels can vary from roe to roe, and in some, you can expect a better burst of flavor in the mouth upon eating. In other types, it can lean towards the expected fishy taste. Truly Caviar can be defined by its unique aroma. 

A first bite may be off-putting, but a first true tasting can make you a Caviar fan for life.

Is Caviar healthy?

A big question for many. Can something so luxurious truly be healthy? Yes, for many reasons, including the long list of vitamins, fats, minerals, and nutrients these special eggs contain. In comparison to other well-known healthy foods, Caviar holds out next to the majority of them, showing itself as a leader of the pack. 

To be clear, for every ounce of Caviar, you can find 4g of Omega-3 fatty acids, and 7g of protein. The only thing to keep in mind is the Sodium levels within Caviar, it is advisable to make sure to only eat your 50g’s or less each day. A well-balanced diet can healthily include Caviar. 

Is Caviar Storable?

With new tastes to explore, and health benefits galore, how can someone buy and store Caviar to be enjoyed with family and friends then? Online stores now offer you the ability to order directly to your door, so when your Caviar arrives relocate it immediately to a cold area of your refrigerator. Specifically around freezing temperatures. 

As with anything this fresh, it’s advisable to eat your Caviar as soon as possible. Unopened Caviar can be kept up to two weeks, but when it’s opened it must be consumed within 2-3 days. So enjoy it quickly!

We hope you’re now more familiar with this exquisite luxury product, and we look forward to hearing about your experiences. Discover luxury Caviar choices on Kolikof.com today.