Caviar From the Most Pristine Waters


Based in Los Angeles, our caviars are found in 5-star restaurants & hotels across the world. Our best-selling caviars are Russian Osetra, Imperial Kaluga, Siberian Beluga Hybrid & Kolikof's exclusive extra-large-grained Imperial Triple Zero. ...

What is Caviar?

The beautifully-presented osetra, imperial, and beluga-hybrid caviars in our kolikof-signature tins and jars are a roe product from specially-selected fish varieties that include the Osetra, beluga, and siberian sturgeon and their associated hybrids. Our team of seafood experts pride themselves on selecting the finest-quality sturgeon from specially-selected producers in Russian and European waters such as the Black and Caspian seas.

How is caviar made?

Caviar production starts with quality in mind. Caviar is produced from the roe of the Sturgeon. The roe selected for our premium caviar starts its journey inside the sturgeon, which can take anywhere from seven to ten years to grow to prime age for harvesting. The roe is then carefully salted via the malossol method, ensuring perfect flavor.

How can you tell if your caviar is of superior quality?

It is often said that great caviar carried the subtle aroma of the waters from which it was harvested. A truly delicious caviar will shine under natural light and carry a delicious taste that melts in your mouth. Beluga caviar (and its associated hybrids) will be of larger size, while Osetra caviar (known for its deliciously rich taste) will be smaller, but should still look and feel luxurious under the care of our complimentary mother of pearl spoon . Under no circumstances should there be foul odors, and your caviar packaging should be cool to the touch, with the container itself completely free of damage.

Your exquisitely malossol-prepared caviar should arrive in a temperature-controlled environment for superior flavor and longevity, and is kept under strict standards for refrigeration. Our FDA-certified food handling facility ensures that your caviar is authentic roe from sturgeon and complies with regulation to guarantee you a legitimate and premium caviar.

Is caviar “healthy”?

Yes! According to the Cleveland Clinic, caviar (regardless of which of our many delicious sturgeon caviars you choose) can be a fantastic addition to your diet. In addition to being a great source of omega-3 fats like all roe products and seafood, caviar is regarded as being a “nutritional powerhouse” of vitamins (such as A, E, and B12) that comes with an amazing variety of minerals and health benefits.

Why can caviar be so expensive?

Caviar, and in particular any caviar from Kolikof’s premium selections, is among the world’s finest food products available. Kolikof products (and our caviar in particular), have been featured in some of the finest restaurants in the world.

We believe that you should accept nothing but the very best, and pride ourselves in selecting a quality choice of roe guaranteed to thrill and delight your senses. Our products are not only premium in their taste, but also their provenance, with Kolikof caviar partners choosing sustainable farming practices and techniques.