Peking Duck Dinner Meal Kit


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DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: If you've ever enjoyed Peking Duck in China, you know it's a memorable dining experience that until now, has not been easy to re-create at home.

Our Peking Duck Meal Kit Contains:
1 - Dry Aged Ready to Cook Peking Duck
1 - 8 oz. Jar of Gluten-Free, Soy-Free Hoisin Sauce
1 - 15 count Package of Bao Buns

Whole Pekin Ducks are dry-aged, frozen, and ready to thaw, cook, and serve. If you've had the pleasure of traveling to Beijing, China, you most undoubtedly had at least one dining experience with this delicacy of the Imperial era. These are the same Pekin Ducks chosen by the world's leading chefs. Pekin Ducks offer an ideal fat-to-meat ratio that provides the mild, less gamey, succulent flavor so desired for this famed delicacy. ...And let's not forget that crispy, glassy, golden skin that will leave you craving more!

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Sustainably raised on a highly nutritious, vegetarian diet, our Pekin ducks roam freely and are treated humanely. They are never fed growth hormones or antibiotics.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Peking Duck is traditionally served with cucumber or scallion slices. The secret to the best Peking Duck lies in its coveted crispy skin—carve as you would a small turkey. The skin is often served separately. Complete the authentic experience by offering the included steamed bao buns and hoisin sauce. Place the sliced, tender duck meat into the bao bun and enjoy as a wrap, eaten with chopsticks or by hand.


STORAGE/COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: DuckKeep duck frozen until ready to thaw and cook (instructions here). Thaw by refrigeration. Duck is raw and must be cooked prior to eating. Hoisin Sauce: Store in pantry. Refrigerate after opening. Bao Buns: Keep refrigerated.

INGREDIENTS: Duck, Sugar water.

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