Smoked Salmon

Kolikof offers an appetizing array of the best smoked salmon for sale as well as other seafood for your next catered dinner party or culinary adventure! Our diverse assortment of smoked salmon and fish products is high-grade, with myriad cut and flavor options catering to a wide variety of seafood lovers.

If you’re looking to buy smoked salmon and fish online, browse our collection to find your favorites and place an order to get delivery right to your door. Whether you’re in the mood for a Royal Salmon Fillet or if you’re a lox-and-bagel lover, our options are sure to please.

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Best Scottish Salmon for Sale Online

Scottish salmon is a premium-farmed Atlantic fish, sustainably raised off the coast of Scotland. This environment’s frigid waters and strong currents produce strong salmon high in fat content, which gives these fish a buttery texture and mouth-feel. Kolikof makes buying the best Scottish salmon online as easy as it is delicious — we proudly offer D-cut and long sliced options. In addition to buying the best Scottish salmon online, Kolikof offers Faroe Island salmon fillets well.

Additional Seafood for Sale

Our smoked salmon options online are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to luxuries from the sea. In addition to the best smoked salmon for sale, Kolikof has several other delectable offerings from the sea:

Contact Our Online Smoked Salmon Delivery Service

When looking to order smoked salmon online, it’s imperative to partner with a gourmet purveyor that ensures freshness, flavor, and exquisite selection — and ordering smoked salmon or any other seafood from Kolikof guarantees quality, time and time again. For more information about buying smoked salmon and fish online or details about our premium delivery service, contact us today.

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