Fermin Ibérico Acorn-Fed Ham – Sliced


      • DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Spanish ham doesn’t get any better than Iberico Jamon de de Bellota. The loin is the finest part of the pig. Each beautifully marbled, thinly-sliced piece literally melts in your mouth. From the hills of Western Spain, a selection of purebred black Iberian pigs run freely, while grazing on the acorn rich pasturelands. Once they reach ideal weight, the pigs are cured and aged for over three years in the clear mountain air of La Alberca, then cured for 70 days.

        BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Due to the antioxidants present in the exclusive diet of acorns, the Fermin Iberico Acorn-fed ham can be cured longer than any other typical ham. As the ham ages through three years of summer through spring, it becomes more and more complex and flavorful. When the ham reduces down to 60% of its original weight, it is ready to be enjoyed. It is this patience and time that give the Fermin Iberico ham it’s bold color, intense aroma and pungent flavor.

        SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Ready to eat. Simply remove from refrigerator and serve either as an appetizer, or a meal for a most impressive presentation. Serve with antipasti a selection of cheeses, and a sliced baguette.

        QUANTITY: 2 oz., pre-sliced
        COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Spain (La Alberca)

      • Keep in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate upon opening.
      • Ingredients: 100% Iberico acorn-fed loin, salt, pimento, garlic.


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