Is beluga the best caviar in the world?

Caviar is a luxury food that people all over the world love. These are fish eggs of the sturgeon, a prehistoric fish which has existed for millions upon millions of years. By and large, caviar types commonly differ in quality, taste, appearance and availability. One type of caviar that stands out above all others is Beluga; however is it really the best in the world?

Beluga caviar has a light buttery flavor with large shiny eggs. The eggs of this species come in different colours from pale grey to dark gray; some describe them as pearls because of their size and appearance. The Beluga sturgeon that produces Beluga caviar lives in the Caspian Sea, which is one of its natural habitats. Being one of the largest sturgeons worldwide by size, Beluga Sturgeon has always been highly demanded due to its valuable roe.

Its unique taste and texture often makes beluga be considered unmatched by any other kind anywhere else across the globe . It tastes mellow & creamy buttery with hints of nuts; also this type feels like silk melting on your tongue . For many caviar connoisseurs there is no refinement or elegance comparable with these precious pearls.

But despite being undoubtedly among world’s most expensive types of caviars, belugas’ superiority does not imply that they alone deserve such respect either . There exist many other kinds regarded as some finest ever made .

Osetra Caviar is another type which sells at very high prices in stores around here. Osetra Caviar comes from Osetra sturgeon that inhabits both Caspian Sea and Black Sea regions.Ostrera sturgeons produce smaller eggs than those produced by belugas but have nutty taste followed by slightly crunchy texture when eaten .It is considered second only to Beluga as far as top grades are concerned

Sevruga caviar is also very much sought after by a lot of people. The Sevruga sturgeon lays its eggs in the Caspian Sea too. These eggs are smaller than those of beluga and osetra but have a more profound saltiness with pronounced firmness when bit into them . Hence, Sevruga can be said to be most versatile kind which one can eat alone or serve alongside other dishes.

Kaluga caviar on the other hand comes from a cross breed between Beluga and Amur sturgeon. Kaluga eggs are bigger and glossier than any other type providing rich buttery flavor . Many enthusiasts consider this type to rank right behind Beluga in terms of quality and taste.

In conclusion; although it may be claimed that Beluga caviar represents the best available anywhere worldwide today, there still exist some other types highly favored among experts as well. Osetra, Sevruga and Kaluga sturgeon differ greatly not just from each other but also from belugas in terms of taste and texture alike.Finest depends on what one likes so varies from person to person depending on their financial planning capabilities and regard for their tastebuds . Ultimately, this boils down to personal preference as regards one’s choice for most suitable kind of caviar which resonates well with his or her palate as well pocket.