Is Caviar Healthy?

For many, caviar is an exclusive and unknowable delicacy enjoyed by the rich, but in recent times more people have been able to try this gourmet food. To eat caviar, the roe of sturgeon fish, is considered a luxury experience to whet only the food appetite but in reality, caviar has many more positive attributes, specifically in the health department. 

Not only full of taste, caviar contains many beneficial nutrients and dietary components which make it a fantastic addition to a healthy balanced diet. Additionally, caviar is suggested to have more than just dietary benefits, also helps improve mood and can act as an aphrodisiac. 

What are the Health Benefits of Caviar?

Appetizers can vary greatly from dinner party to party, but there’s a reason why Caviar features so regularly and it's not just for its exquisite taste. In fact, we might call it the perfect, healthy appetizer in terms of taste, health benefits, and serving size recommendation. 

Caviar is full of amazing vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. This small treat certainly packs a punch in the health arena. Known as the salty appetizer, one teaspoon has 46 calories within it and 4 grams is protein. 

  1. All the Vitamins
    When you begin to list all the nutrients caviar contains you might find yourself in disbelief. Full of B12, as well as B6, E, A, Magnesium, and Iron, who needs a vitamin supplement. All of these vitamins ensure a healthy body, nervous system and keep your insides in tip-top shape. 

    For health-focused people and those with a B12 deficiency, caviar is an excellent way of superseding the daily amount. B12 deficiencies can affect energy levels and severely hamper enjoyment of life, so it's a great way to combat this condition. It’s also fantastic at supporting the development of red blood and nerve cells, as well as breaking down fats.

    Other vitamins present in caviar include iron, calcium, zinc, and magnesium. Calcium is great for bone health and an ideal way for lactose-intolerant people to get the calcium they need in their diet. 
  1. All the Antioxidants 
    Selenium is an extremely powerful and needed antioxidant, used by the body to protect cells. Selenium combined with vitamin E works together to fight the effects of free radicals in the body. Possibly where Caviar’s cancer-fighting properties originate. It also works to support the Thyroid, which for many women is extremely important. 

    This super mineral also supports higher functioning metabolisms and improves reproductive health. The reason this mineral is so powerful in Caviar is Selenium is usually destroyed in the processing of foods that contain it. As Caviar is eaten raw it is perfectly preserved. 


  1. Enhanced and Fortified Skin
    Caviar is a wonder food, and for those who love their skin, Caviar is a must-have. Improving skin conditions, strengthening nails and hair, reducing the signs of aging, is there anything caviar can’t do? (Well yes, but you know what we mean). How does it do it though? 

    Well, the magic is all in how Caviar encourages the regeneration of cells and restores nutrition. Caviar is found in many high-end cosmetic products for this very reason. Full of omega-3 fatty acids, these are essential to support luscious and healthy-looking skin. Combined with Vitamins A & E, this trifecta is ideal for great skincare.


  1. Health Systems
    Omega-3 fatty acids are great for many things, including cardiovascular health. They work hard to maintain it. B12 also works to assist these fatty acids and as an outcome it also boosts immunity. Nutritional-rich foods help fight disrupted brain function, as well as depression. Immunity is also improved by the inclusion of C, A, and E Vitamins in the Caviar.

    Finally, caviar is rich in good fats, which support memory and importantly mood. And although Caviar has a high-fat ratio, if it is eaten in small amounts this is considered a perfect way to reach the daily recommended amount of 30% fat in our diets. 

Negative Health of Caviar - “Too Much of a Good Thing”

Can you ever have too much of a good thing? Well, yes, you can and caviar is right up there. The reason is, even though caviar is a fabulous addition to any diet, having it too regularly can be detrimental to health rather than beneficial. The high sodium (salt) count makes Caviar not suitable for daily consumption, or in large amounts at any one sitting. 

If you’re reaching for your drink too often, it may mean you’re consuming too much of the salty dish. It is also bad for cholesterol levels. Thankful caviar lovers the world over do not recommend over-eating this delicacy. The joy is found in savoring a few bites each time. 

Thankfully, due to the price and its limited availability, it should be too difficult to control the desire to consume this dish. 

Where Can I Buy Healthy Caviar?

Caviar has many health benefits to consider and is ideal to be eaten semi-regularly to reap the true rewards. Although not meant to be eaten by the plateful, a few sprinkles or eaten delicately off the spoon, is an ideal way to enjoy this gourmet delicacy. Truly a small amount really goes the furthest. 

But where can you buy the healthiest caviar? Top-tier premium quality Caviar can be purchased from Kolikof Caviar & Gourmet foods. With a wide variety of Caviar to choose from, the question won’t be should I, but which one.