How to Have a Caviar Tasting at Home

Caviar is a delicacy, so naturally, it makes sense to have a classy tasting at home when you purchase some. It makes for an excellent socialization opportunity and a way to enjoy incredible flavors of caviar without having to pay restaurant prices. So, with that being said, how can you have a caviar tasting at home?

Keep reading to learn more about how to host the ideal home caviar tasting session, along with proper etiquette for eating caviar, what not to eat with it, and where to purchase high-quality caviar selections.

Steps To Host the Perfect Home Caviar Tasting

1. Pick A Theme

Like any good party, one of the best ways to enhance the home caviar-tasting experience is to pick a theme. You can decorate your home accordingly and choose the caviar and serving pieces to match your theme. For example, White Pearl Caviar would be an excellent addition to a black-and-white-themed gathering.

Other popular themes for caviar tastings include:

  • Classic
  • French
  • Roaring 20s

The atmosphere will only add to the high-quality caviar. Caviar is typically associated with high living standards, so you want to update the experience to match that. The more glamorous and elegant your home and outfit can be, the better.

2. Select Your Caviar

Of course, the most critical step is choosing your caviar. There are ample mail order caviar selections, so you don’t need to go far to find your delicacy. You need to focus on flavors, appearances, and other details.

There are five types of caviar to choose from:

  • American: The best American caviar is paddlefish caviar. It’s a cheaper alternative to sturgeon imports, providing a bold and earth-centered taste.
  • Ossetra: Ossetra caviar is buttery, nutty, and unforgettable - optimal for a high-quality tasting session.
  • Kaluga: Kaluga caviar is a highly desired caviar. The larger eggs are filled with excellent flavor that is simply unparalleled. 
  • Beluga: Beluga caviar is one of the highest-quality caviars available, and a hybrid version can be purchased at Kolikof Caviar and Gourmet.
  • Sevruga: Sevruga caviar has the smallest caviar eggs. It's filled with incredible flavor, crunchy, and widely available in most locations.

Don’t focus so much on the price tag - set a budget and pick based on taste to focus on instead. There is no expensive party that will save the taste of cheap caviar. For your home tasting, it’s always best to go with high-quality caviar to ensure you get the most out of the experience. 

3. Choose Accompaniments 

The food is the priority at any caviar party. Thus, it’s critical to select the right items to accompany your tasty centerpiece. Several food pairings work better than others and will accent the caviar instead of overpowering its unique flavor for your guests.

Top accompaniments include the following:

  • Crackers: A good cracker or blini will provide a blank slate to move caviar to the mouth and even allow the complement of other flavors.
  • Salmon: Salmon, whether smoked or traditional, will draw the caviar back to its roots in a unique flavor profile.
  • Latkes: Latkes are tender and rich potato cakes that bring out the best in the caviar and are paired with items like creme fraiche. 
  • Creme fraiche: Creme fraiche is a slightly soured cream that has high butterfat and is smooth and creamy, an incredible addition to caviar.

  • In some cases, you can combine items like creme fraiche, salmon, crackers, and caviar for a packed bite or to create appetizers that can be passed around the room. 

    4. Serve the Caviar in Style

    Finally, at the party, you must serve the caviar the proper way for the caviar to retain its incredible flavor. It first needs to go into a bowl that isn’t made of metal, and then that nonmetal bowl should be placed in another bowl filled with ice to keep the caviar chilled. 

    Metal can oxidize and get into the caviar itself, which is why caviar should never be served in a metal bowl. 

    Other necessities for serving caviar include the following:

    • Spoon: Again, use a nonmetal spoon. Some of the best choices for caviar spoons include the Mother of Pearl spoon and the Buffalo Horn serving spoon.
    • Server and spreader: Another helpful set of tools is a server and spreader, to serve items and spread toppings. Most are plated with horn to improve the flavor. 
    • Server dishes: We touched on the necessary bowls for caviar serving. However, we recommend investing in a serving dish with topping containers built in for an even better experience. 

    These items will all enhance the experience of tasting caviar at your home party.

    What is Proper Etiquette for Eating Caviar?

    When investing in high-quality mail order caviar for your home tasting party, it’s helpful to know proper etiquette for eating it. Although caviar can technically be enjoyed in any way you want, there are a few guidelines to remember for a proper tasting experience.

    Here are some tips:

  • Eat small amounts: One serving of caviar is around two ounces, so eat small bites and savor the flavor.
  • Savor: Caviar is meant to be enjoyed in tiny amounts. It’s expensive, and every bite should be savored as a luxury.
  • Wait to chew: Chewing too quickly will not allow you to taste all the flavors of caviar. Instead, let the caviar rest on your tongue for a prolonged moment of time. 
  • What Should You Not Eat with Caviar?

    As there are some tasty items you can eat with caviar, like salmon and creme fraiche, there are also items you should avoid. These will hamper the taste of the caviar and ruin the tasting experience at home.

    When serving caviar for a tasting at home, you should avoid placing spices on the caviar. These will overpower the flavor and can ruin the texture. In the same vein, don’t serve caviar with items covered in spices. If you invest in crackers, purchase plain ones. If you have latkes or potato-based products, don’t put seasoning in them to keep the caviar the main flavor in every bite.

    Where Do You Purchase High-Quality Caviar?

    Typically, most upscale grocery stores will sell caviar. They are often available in bulk, though there might be some smaller luxury stores that sell high-quality caviar. However, you might be in a location where high-quality caviar isn’t available at the store.

    If you don’t have access to high-quality caviar, Kolikof Caviar & Gourmet provides mail order caviar that can be delivered to your home. Also, they will provide tools like spoons and serving dishes, along with incredible complementary foods like high-quality salmon, to make your caviar-tasting experience the best it can possibly be. 

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