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The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine of Texas
Prime Living

"Kolikof Caviar & Salmon is pleased to introduce caviar on location, a bespoke catered caviar experience that has quickly become a must-have party trend. The displays arc completely customizable; offering a wide range of caviar choices and a beautiful ice sculpture that can be specialized for any occasion. One of the more popular presentations is Kolikof's caviar in the surf; featuring four types of caviar and vintage champagne bottles of your choice displayed on an ornately' designed surfboard."

cigar Aficionado

"You know the party's going to be special when it comes with caviar. Kolikof Caviar & Salmon takes your caviar experience to new levels with creative displays of superb caviar presented in bespoke fashion, including tailor-made ice sculptures.

Jim Miller, founder and owner, says the displays are tie answer to high demand. A caviar professional can also be on hand to explain the differences between golden Royal Trarsmontanus (nutty, smooth and clorai) and inky black Royal Siberian (powerful, briny note)."

Los Angeles Confidential

"Every Angeleno knows that, when it comes to throwing a party, it's all about location, location, location. That's why LA-based sustainable fine-foods purveyor Kolikof Caviar & Salmon has launched a bespoke offering that brings a decadent caviar spread anywhere the party host wants it to be.

The catered experience includes customized displays—think intricate ice carvings or a specially designed surfboard—with an array of choices from Kolikof's hand-selected range of caviar, all of which is personally inspected by owner Jim Miller to ensure quality and peak seasonality. Carefully trained caviar professionals are on hand to serve and answer any questions guests may have as they enjoy the briny bounty on blini cones and pancakes."

The Magazine of Passionate Pursuits

The Kolikofs hail from Baku on the Caspian Sea, historic center of the caviar trade. Following in their ancestors' footsteps, the family combs the world for the best caviars. Kolikof Imperial, from hybrid sturgeon that have matured for eight to nine years. stands out for its delicate texture and juiciness.

Santa Barbara Magazine

"Partygoers lingered over small bites from chef BOBBIE WILSON of Matters Tavern paired with TERROIR SELECTIONS' Sandhi and Qupe wines, indulged in the decadent KOLIKOF CAVIAR & SALMON iced bar, and sipped special cocktails—the 40 Strong and Venetian Casanova—by TEQUILA CASA DRAGONES and YACHT CLUB VODKA."

Cruise Industry NEws Quarterly

"The best caviar in the world is supplied by Los Angeles-based Kolikof Caviar, claims its founder and owner Jim Miller. He said he travels the world to find caviar that has the size, texture, flavor and color that he wants. Today, caviar is farmed around the globe, from Armenia to Bulgaria, from Uruguay to South Korea, he said. And when a cruise ship recently ran out of caviar.

Miller took it upon himself to hand-carry caviar to the ship. Supplying many Michelin-star restaurants, upscale cruise lines and celebrity events. Miller said that not only does he offer top quality. but also better pricing, because there is no importer or distributor in between."