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Kolikof Artisanal - Hot Smoked Salmon

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Discover the robust and distinctly smokey taste of Kolikof Artisanal Hot Smoked Salmon. Our Scottish Salmon are sustainably harvested directly from the frigid waters of the Faroe Islands. What sets our smoked salmon apart from the rest is our signature smoking technique in which our premium salmon is oak-smoked to give off a rich earthy undertone to every bite. Extremely moist and flaky, our Hot Smoked Salmon is an easy meal that can be prepared within minutes. Fully cooked and ready to serve after heating, this party-pleaser can easily enhance your dining experience. Tender, low in salt, and high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Due to the extremely high demand, our Smoked Hot Salmon is not typically available for overnight shipping. Orders placed by Friday 2pm will ship the following Thursday for Friday delivery. Questions about shipping? Contact us directly by phone at (800) 353-0430 or fill out our online contact form.

Key Features

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Product of Scotland (the icy waters of the Faroe Islands, Scottish Sea, and Norwegian Seas)

INGREDIENTS: Fish (Salmon), Salt.

STORAGE: Keep refrigerated. Store at 32ºF to 41ºF

SHELF LIFE: Use within 72 hours of opening or until the use-by date, whichever is sooner.

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"A true gourmet experience. The people running this company constantly obsess to find the highest quality unique foods items from worldwide sources."

- Andrew T.

"Turn around for shipping and delivery is extremely quick, and the products are packaged with care in a way that keeps them cold and fresh despite 100 degree weather."

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"I was shocked at how many things I did not know I could get in LA. Salmon from Scotland, caviar from France and crab from the East coast."

-Chris P.

"My wife loves caviar, and I love salmon. We ordered some of each and both thought it was the best we've had! Highly recommend them!"

J. Porter

"Salmon was literally the best I’ve ever had and couldn’t be more fresh."

John S.
Kolikof is served in the most pristine restuarants.

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