Scottish Smoked Salmon – Long Sliced


DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Our own smoked salmon is very thin, and is long-sliced delicacy, cold-smoked and hand-cut. Enjoy the delicate, smoky, flavor that is has a unique, non-oily, smooth texture. Our brand of smoked salmon has been selected by many of the world's best chefs and is served in many of the world's finest restaurants, hotels, and airlines. Kosher. 0g added sugar.

BEHIND THE PRODUCT: Kolikof Scottish Salmon (also known as "lox") is derived from the icy waters of the Scottish Sea, Norwegian Seas and Faroe Islands. Once you've had Kolikof, there's no going back.


STORAGE: Keep refrigerated. Store at 32ºF to 41ºF

se within 72 hours of opening or until the use-by date, whichever is sooner.

INGREDIENTS: Salmon (Fish).

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