Buffalo Horn Caviar Serving Spoon

Buffalo Horn Caviar Serving Spoon

The same accompaniments used by Michelin-Star chefs, delivered right to your door.
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Tasting and serving caviar is an art, and you want to preserve the taste of your roe with a nonreactive spoon. This elegant handcrafted Buffalo Horn Caviar Serving Spoon is bound to elevate your experience while serving and eating caviar. Handcrafted using 100% natural buffalo horn as its base, this caviar serving spoon has the longevity and durability to serve for years to come. 

This nonreactive caviar spoon will allow you to taste all the natural and distinct notes of your caviar without retaining flavor from previous uses. Metal caviar spoons are known for tainting the unique taste of caviar and leaving it with a metallic and unnatural tint. Our Buffalo Horn Caviar Serving Spoon will have you serving your luxurious caviar in style without sacrificing any of the taste.

1 - 6 inch 100% Natural Buffalo Horn Caviar Serving Spoon

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