Christofle Albi Horn & Silver Plated Caviar Server and Spreader Set

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This beautiful Christofle Caviar spreader is from the Albi line. Created in 1968, it takes inspiration from the French town located between Toulouse and Bordeaux; known for its famous cathedral with remarkable architecture, clean straight lines and single nave.

Christofle Albi Horn and Silver Plated Caviar Server and Spreader Set is the perfect gift for those who truly have everything. This elegant and beautifully plated caviar server and spreader are the absolute apex of class. Experience the epitome of elegance while serving caviar to guests at your dinner party with this exquisite caviar serving kit. 

Both the server and spreader are silver plated metal and horn. Horn is known to help preserve the flavor of caviar. May we also recommend Kolikof 0000 De Gigantesques, our largest grain, and most indulgent caviar.

Material: Silver Plate and Horn

Dimensions: Length: 16.5 cm

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"Turn around for shipping and delivery is extremely quick, and the products are packaged with care in a way that keeps them cold and fresh despite 100 degree weather."

Eva T.

"I just had your Triple Imperial 000 Caviar. The texture, flavor and quality is outstanding. Worth the splurge!"

Jennifer L.

“Better than Petrossian by far."

Quentin M.

"The best caviar! Had 000 Imperial Sturgeon and it was perfection!"

Amy T.

“Great, subtle taste - not real salty.”

Rick O.

"My wife loves caviar, and I love salmon. We ordered some of each and both thought it was the best we've had! Highly recommend them!"

J. Porter

"Best place to order gifts. Everything arrives fresh and on time!!"

Jodi N.

"I’ve been a customer at Kolikof for 4 years and have loved their caviar more than my old favorite famous brands. Their prices are the lowest for the highest quality."

L. Hatcher

"Excellent caviar. Would highly recommend to yacht chefs."

Rene V.
Kolikof Caviar is served in the most pristine restuarants.

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